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July 8, 2014




So. Having been in the FB experimental streams….

One stream was all dead or someone just died or someone has cancer all the time.

Another was, all dead maimed animals WITH PHOTOS all the time.

Me, I innocently thought I just had a really depressed whacked out group of friends and if I just kept slamming “I don’t want to see this” in the right places, it would all work out.

But, no.

It was Facebook Nazi experiments.


[That yay is sarcasm.]

I’m on my way out.

I hope you will go with me.




Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 5.26.26 AM


So Facebook keeps getting scummier and scummier, shifting privacy settings, manipulating newsfeeds, pushing weirder and weirder agendas. The latest is manipulating newsfeeds to see if lambasting people with depressing content will make people depressed.

Cripes. We so need a new social media site.


I’m making my own.

I know, crazy, right?

Well maybe. Let’s find out.

Come visit:



*Note: The program I’m using to create that site — PushUp — is still pretty beta, it’s not mobile device friendly yet, you must verify your account using a desktop or laptop, phones and tablets will not work yet. Stress on the “yet.” Also soon to roll out: embedded vids and website links, yay!

Note II: I thought about walking you guys through it here. Then I thought, naw, why coddle them? Let’s go the Darwin route. If you run into trouble though, leave me a note here and we’ll sort things out. The program is pretty beta, there are still some rough spots.




wednesday kilt day

April 30, 2014



Wednesdays are traditionally my day off.

You know what that means right?

New men in kilts photos yay!


:::men in kilts:::




I know, freaking gorgeous, right? Ahhh!


SO THERE I WAS completely minding my own business coming down off a 5 am work high trying to wear myself out enough to sleep —

[You don't know 5 am work highs?  They're what comes from pushing through midnight and 3 am and the desire to sleep and catching a second/third/fourth wind to keep working because you have something that needs to be finished before the alarm goes off for other people on some coast USA --- only then you are done and it is 5 am and you can't just go to sleep, you have defied the gods o' sleep too long and they are pissed so now you have to wind down and no, there are no drugs involved, quit it...]

— When this hot kilt meme showed up on FB and I thought, you know, maybe hot kilt guys would be just the thing right now and also everything else has a hot this or that page there should be a hot kilt page around here somewhere.




There was some private group.

[What the hell do they do in a private group?  Okay wait, that might be scary, don't answer that.]

There was an app. And it did not work.


There was some page with like, 5 kilt photos.


And no good hot kilt pages.






[You're welcome.]


[I know.  It is not plaid.  Screw plaid!  It does not have to be plaid!  I am descended from Scots I can say that.  The real Scots might get a little excitable though.]


THAT IS THE STORY of how I came to be the mover and shaker behind the one and only acceptable hot guys in kilts page on FacebookMEN IN KILTS

I know, totally professional, right?


[Screw professional, life is short!  Okay maybe not so professional, but life IS short.  Also, we are talking kilts.  Yay!]





et tu, pinterest?

March 16, 2014


This freaky image shows up in my Pinterest stream.

No I am not going to show you THAT fashion blunder it would defile the blog.

[Also it might make you blind.]

Here is a cute photo of a pony in boots instead.

pony mit shoes



Bad cheap pointy shoes with a bad cheap skirt made out of bad cheap fabric and the photo is taken at a bad cheap angle in bad cheap lighting.

Why the fuck is this image in my Pinterest stream?

And how do I kill it?



I hit the link.

Not following this board.

I hit the person.

Not following this person.

I’m confused. If I’m not following the board and not following the person WTF is this cheap ass gaudy image that might make me blind doing in my fucking Pinterest stream?



Pinterest has a new agenda. Pinterest is showing me this because Pinterest thinks I might be interested because of OTHER INTERESTS.

Jesus Christ, Pinterest, what are you now, Amazon? Facebook? Netflix? “Because you liked this other image, let’s show you one that will make you fucking blind you hate it so much”?



Here is a cute pony in boots again to make this less painful:

pony mit shoes

Dear Pinterest:

You’re Fired.


that internet thing

September 29, 2012


The thing about the internet is —

No link is ever dead. Ever. Someone somewhere or some search engine somewhere still remembers an url, a page, or a link and will bring up a link to a source that ceased to exist a bazillion years ago – always. It is kind of like the speed of light and stars thing, you can be looking at this star up in the heavens and see a star – only that star ceased to exist a century ago – you can just still see it because the light is still in transit even if the star is gone.

In internet terms, the link is still showing up and visible in a search even if the page went toes up years or weeks ago.

This is why I just spent the last week of my life 24/7 placing redirects on pages in the Max web empire. Because you cannot kill urls or web pages ever. They always, always, have to have a string of links or redirects that go somewhere that exists on the web.

There is an easier way to do it. Just tell the whole site to redirect. I could do that too if I were not using two separate servers to host two separate parts of AFW to insure, if one crashes?, there is emergency back up on the other. It is kind of more important to have a back up plan than an easy out. Oh well.

Hey come see the new book page. It is nifty.


anonymous: cispa

April 26, 2012



CISPA just passed in the House and is on the way to the Senate. The White House has said it is not behind it. The White House also said it was not behind the Patriot Act and not behind NDAA and it expanded and signed those so do not let that reassure you.


get your own damn blog

February 26, 2011


It has —

Gotten kind of schizophrenic around here between the personal stuff and the writing stuff so I finally kicked AFW out the door. Now CelluloidBlonde gets to be my own personal blog and doesn’t have to play double duty with the AFW stuff and AFW has its own spanky new blog where I can just post stuff about writing and classes. Yay!

Go see it. It is pretty new and prob still needs a few kinds worked out but I like it:

:::AFW BLOG:::

Also if you are crazy strapped for time and do the feed thing there is a feed:

:::AFW FEED:::


25 damn things

February 21, 2011


Yep. You guessed it. Tagged on FB. And I have been neglecting the blog — though you could scroll down to the bottom and catch some of the links from that other blog. Ahem. But —

Blog neglect! Ahhh! So —

In no particular order and sans the help of alcohol because I am sick, damn it, here are 25 random damn things.

1. I snore. Really loud. Ungentlemanly persons to remain unnamed have recorded this just to prove it. I will still deny it.

2. I am continually trapped between the demands I behave “professionally” and just enjoying the fuck out of what I do. There, I hope that is professional enough.

3. I mistrust overly friendly men. This may be related to leaping out of a moving car at a young age when the driver was overly “friendly” and wouldn’t stop the car.

4. I still think removing your pants while driving and without an invitation to do so is “too friendly.”

5. I curse. A lot. Deal with it.

6. I like cursing. If I were in Bridgette Jones’s Diary, I would be the journlist who likes to say “fuck.” A lot.

7. All the martial arts training in the world won’t save you if someone sneaks up behind you and hits you in the head with a two-by-four.

8. The above may explain why I generally sit with my back to the wall.

9. Shoes. They are not just for breakfast anymore. Yay!

10. I spell much better in German than I do in English. This is because German instructors mark you down just as hard for one misplaced letter as they do for a total conjugation mash up.

11. Everyone on my mother’s side of the family is fa – er, overweight. Except one cousin who I suspect owes her slim frame to entertaining substances. No one knows why I am not fat.

12. My father is a descendent not only of presidents but of the Richfield Oil Estate. Somehow he managed to blow through it all and leave me nothing but a few legal bills to remember him by.

13. The only parts of my body I haven’t managed to injure are my left elbow and right ribs. For someone with a background in dance who is generally considered pretty graceful this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

14. I am allergic to novacaine.

15. No cracks about the “generally pretty graceful” comment.

16. Friends won’t allow me to buy a bicycle – something about accident prone and what happens when cars and humans on bicycles collide.

17. A martial arts instructor once accepted me based solely on the fact he’d never met a civilian who’d been in as many physical combat situations as I had.

18. Chocolate is good. More chocolate is better.

19. I have no tonsils.

20. Small children, animals, and the mothers of sons I am dating love me.

21. Sons I am dating tend to be more problematic.

22. I have been known to floss.

23. I drink Diet Coke because my dentist makes me. She’d probably prefer I drink no Coke at all. But has to content herself with just getting rid of the sugar quotient.

24. My dentist is a half foot shorter than I am and can still boss me around.

25. I have to poof the hair to hit 5’6”.


I don’t tag people in memes as a general rule — outside of whatever foolhardy and nefarious souls tagged me, revenge! — but if this looks like fun to you go for it and tag me back.


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