poor neglected bastards

July 26, 2014


Yez.  I have been totally neglecting you.  “But why?,” you say.  “Why would you do this to us?”

Fair question.

Because, oh adorable fiendish followers, I have been rebuilding the school site.  And it was one big job.  Yegads.  But it is done now, or mostly gone.  Go see:  :::new and improved afw site:::


The new and improved AFW school site.


But also to make up for neglecting you, here is a treat.  Zombie Pie Chart!  Yay!


Zombie Pie Chart!


You’re welcome.


honey badger alcatraz!

July 17, 2014

July 16, 2014



metal_horseThere is a feng shui story —

About Chinese workers on the US railroad when the rail road was first being built to stretch across the United States.

Culturally, Chinese people are pretty up on feng shui, and when Chinese workers were hired to work on a railroad splitting the United States in two, some of them mentioned to their bosses it was not a good idea.

See, in terms of feng shui, splitting a country in two with a giant metal spike is not a good idea.

So the workers said, Hey, Rail Road Moguls, you know in feng shui terms, this will create a divided nation.

And the Rail Road Moguls said, Hey, Chinese Guys, we aren’t paying you for feng shui advice, we are paying you to swing that hammer.

So the workers shrugged, either because they needed the paycheck or because the rail road mogul guys were such assholes, why save them? And swung that hammer.

And a great big shining line of metal was built that divided this nation in two.

And the nation has been divided in two ever since.


bunny on the couch!

July 15, 2014




ps: looking for a source and can’t find it, if you can, share — i stumbled across it via elizabeth croyden on fb


throw back thursday

July 10, 2014





What do you see on the screen?

Nothing until you put it on the page. And then, for someone to see something while they read that page? The writing must be Visual with a capital V.

Visual Writing begins Tuesday.

There are open seats.

:::HIT THAT:::


jump the face

July 8, 2014




So. Having been in the FB experimental streams….

One stream was all dead or someone just died or someone has cancer all the time.

Another was, all dead maimed animals WITH PHOTOS all the time.

Me, I innocently thought I just had a really depressed whacked out group of friends and if I just kept slamming “I don’t want to see this” in the right places, it would all work out.

But, no.

It was Facebook Nazi experiments.


[That yay is sarcasm.]

I’m on my way out.

I hope you will go with me.



french bull dog!

July 5, 2014




I just felt like posting a photo of an insanely cute French Bull Dog today.





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