Whoah. This is a little dark. Everyone else was getting too much partying in the 60’s or whatnot so I was NOT expecting this.


How You Died In a Past Life -- WWII


That’s a Buzzfeed Quiz.  I’m not going to tell you about WWII dreams I’ve had since I was two.  Go take the quiz.  It should be fun.  [or creepy, but let's go with fun]


How Did You Die in Your Past Life? — Buzzfeed Quiz http://ow.ly/CqhY4


men who hate[d] cats

October 8, 2014


I love this.

[Yeah, I know, I am youtube crazed right now.]

[Get over it. This rocks. Yay!]



civil forfeiture

October 8, 2014



*I can’t say it better than John Oliver. Watch. Listen. Learn. And if the police ask you if you’re carrying cash when they pull you over? The correct answer is “no.”


wind tunnel skydive!

October 5, 2014


Extreme Indoor Skydiving from Cory on Vimeo.

I am so entranced by wind tunnel skydiving.

There is no way in hell I am jumping out of a plane a couple thousand feet above the ground depending on a parachute folded up with little rubber bands deploying from a backpack that parachute is stuffed into to stop me from hitting the ground.

[Unless, you know, the plane is going down the wrong way, then give me the backpack.]

But this? This I would totally do.

This is so cool.


*Also apparently there is an ifly Austin — this is so on!


ah the boy’s club

October 4, 2014


Ah the boy's club

The Boy’s Club is fun. Well not so much if you are not a boy.

It means every single male “screenwriting guru” out there can bash you with cheap references to bras and popsicles and you are supposed to be nice about it. I guess?

I’m not nice.

I’m a kid from the streets.

I will fucking cut you.

Don’t do that shit again.


liar liar

October 4, 2014




When I was a kid growing up, adults said things to my parents like, “Oh your little girl is so pretty.”

Or, “Oh, your little girl is so smart.”

I just thought that’s what adults say to be polite.



Adults are total liars.

Any kid knows this.

They say food is delicious when it isn’t. They say houses are lovely when they aren’t. They say their feelings aren’t hurt when they are. They tell someone she looks lovely when they are thinking the whole time, Wow, that outfit is a disaster —

Adults lie about everything ALL THE TIME.



How would it ever occur to me, as a kid, adults were sincere about anything nice they said about me?



October 3, 2014


OMG, you HAVE to see this pictorial right now: Leopard Cub | Daily Mail Online http://ow.ly/CenLn


Leopard Baby!


the value of joy

October 3, 2014


raccoon-holding-cat_200_cbSometimes I post —

A photo or story on Facebook that to me is —

Just fucking awesome and funny and intriguing and I don’t care if it’s true or not.

A raccoon carrying a kitten meme?

That to me is hilarious and wonderful. Yay!



Then —

Someone shows up.

“Oh that’s totally photoshopped.”


“Oh that’s totally not true here are 50 facts from the table of elements to prove that is wrong.”



I sit there stunned.

[And not for the right reasons, you robotic asshole fact checkers.]



Some things in this world and on the internet are just funny and wonderful and don’t have to make sense. A meme of a raccoon carrying a kitten will not make a single difference in wars or deaths or school lunches for little kids who will starve to death if the little kids don’t get those lunches —

But that meme will, for a moment, make me smile.



Stop trying to kill the smiles, you assholes.


Sometimes that is all we have.


wind from the east

October 3, 2014




There is a strange feeling in the Austin air now. Air that has potential. That has power that could erupt, or not.

A wind was blowing hard from the west.

Blowing so hard, it was difficult to put a cigarette out in a deep ashtray without sparks blowing up and away on that wind.

Lightning lighting up the sky light gray instead of hard storm gray or night black.

Whispers of rain in the air, not hitting, but threatening and promising. “I am coming.”

And then.

Everything stopped.

Lightning. Wind. Promises of rain. Sparks stopped hanging. Wind stopped blowing. Lightning – froze.

Then the wind shifted.

Now it’s blowing from the East.

Picking up power.

I am used to wind from the west here.

I don’t know wind from the east.


you are a samarai!

September 28, 2014


You are a Samurai! You are quite skilled and competent. You’re good with your hands and good at talking yourself out of a tough spot. You are not known for your ability to forgive.

Which Ancient Warrior Would You Be? | BrainFall http://ow.ly/C2n8Q


[you know sometimes I am just around here to have fun]

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