I know, freaking gorgeous, right? Ahhh!


SO THERE I WAS completely minding my own business coming down off a 5 am work high trying to wear myself out enough to sleep —

[You don't know 5 am work highs?  They're what comes from pushing through midnight and 3 am and the desire to sleep and catching a second/third/fourth wind to keep working because you have something that needs to be finished before the alarm goes off for other people on some coast USA --- only then you are done and it is 5 am and you can't just go to sleep, you have defied the gods o' sleep too long and they are pissed so now you have to wind down and no, there are no drugs involved, quit it...]

— When this hot kilt meme showed up on FB and I thought, you know, maybe hot kilt guys would be just the thing right now and also everything else has a hot this or that page there should be a hot kilt page around here somewhere.




There was some private group.

[What the hell do they do in a private group?  Okay wait, that might be scary, don't answer that.]

There was an app. And it did not work.


There was some page with like, 5 kilt photos.


And no good hot kilt pages.






[You're welcome.]


[I know.  It is not plaid.  Screw plaid!  It does not have to be plaid!  I am descended from Scots I can say that.  The real Scots might get a little excitable though.]


THAT IS THE STORY of how I came to be the mover and shaker behind the one and only acceptable hot guys in kilts page on FacebookMEN IN KILTS

I know, totally professional, right?


[Screw professional, life is short!  Okay maybe not so professional, but life IS short.  Also, we are talking kilts.  Yay!]





et tu, pinterest?

March 16, 2014


This freaky image shows up in my Pinterest stream.

No I am not going to show you THAT fashion blunder it would defile the blog.

[Also it might make you blind.]

Here is a cute photo of a pony in boots instead.

pony mit shoes



Bad cheap pointy shoes with a bad cheap skirt made out of bad cheap fabric and the photo is taken at a bad cheap angle in bad cheap lighting.

Why the fuck is this image in my Pinterest stream?

And how do I kill it?



I hit the link.

Not following this board.

I hit the person.

Not following this person.

I’m confused. If I’m not following the board and not following the person WTF is this cheap ass gaudy image that might make me blind doing in my fucking Pinterest stream?



Pinterest has a new agenda. Pinterest is showing me this because Pinterest thinks I might be interested because of OTHER INTERESTS.

Jesus Christ, Pinterest, what are you now, Amazon? Facebook? Netflix? “Because you liked this other image, let’s show you one that will make you fucking blind you hate it so much”?



Here is a cute pony in boots again to make this less painful:

pony mit shoes

Dear Pinterest:

You’re Fired.


the day we fight back

February 11, 2014


Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 1.10.29 AM


“If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.” ~ Cardinal Richelieu

Please visit TheDayWeFightBack.Org

You also might want to hit Electronic Frontier Foundation

And Amy Goodman’s article on Truthdig


omg omg omg!

January 25, 2014




This is so awesome! My friend James Patrick Joyce was mocking up old movie posters and he did a totally cool one for me but since I am difficult [or so I have been told] I say, Oh that so rocks thank you for Gable and Powell — but can I have Some Like It Hot?

And he did it!

Yay! Yay! Yay!

This is totally going in my obituary file.


*Oh like you guys have not written your obituary in advance with fabulous lies in it too.


I’m speaking online tonight in USA #Scriptchat on the do’s and dont’s to get your screenplay read, sold, and produced. Stop by and say hi.

Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 6.18.50 AM


*Congratulations to @Alexander_A_J who was the #Scriptchat winner of the random drawing for a free copy of The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide yay! #tnssg



sunday evening plans

December 24, 2013


Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 6.18.50 AM


PS: We are giving away a free copy of :::the book::: in a random drawing at the end of the night.


facebook for science

December 17, 2013


facebook_art_logo_200Ever since —

I started the AFW Facebook Page and the TNSSG Facebook Page, Facebook has been chiding me about not “boosting” posts.



Boosting posts is when you give Facebook money to send posts out to way more people than would usually see the posts. It is supposed to be savvy marketing. I have mostly given that a pass. But then came the Christmas book special. [That’s over now, it ran through December 15. did you see it on Facebook? No? Bummer for you. Next time hit the book site.] So I thought, What the hell, Facebook, show us what you got — and dropped a C note on Facebook for science.



What happened was one book sale coming out of a Facebook boosted post.

[Yeah there were more sales, but only one from that Facebook boosted post --- Facebook you are not the only king of the mountain tracking where this stuff comes in from.]



After you figure time put in writing, publishing, editing, doing layout work, paying for design work, picking up little things like ISBNs, website and marketing support [not including a Facebook “boosted” post], and what not, what’s left over from one book sale is not a lot of cash and is for sure not going to justify dropping a hundred bucks on Facebook to boost that post.

Or to boost any post.



I’m okay with that. It was for science.



Here’s what is unsettling.



Ever since I boosted one post on Facebook? All other posts on the AFW and TNSSG Facebook pages suddenly aren’t getting “seen” much according to Facebook numbers.

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 3.27.04 AM



Used to be, a solid post on one of the pages got “seen” a couple hundred times — and in really stand out moments, pages got “seen” up to 500 or 800 times.

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 3.27.34 AM



Post the “boosted” Facebook page event, any and all posts on the AFW and TNSSG Facebook pages are lucky if they make 20 “seens.” And some are way lower than that, like around 5 or 7 “seens.” And the top top post right now? 185. Not so hot, in comparison to what the top top posts were pre-Facebook “boost” post. And definitely more uninspiring still, when you look at the current average [unbefore known to man or beast] “seen” count post “the boost”:

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 3.31.23 AM



Maybe I’m just misguided and underestimating how many people are off the computer during the holiday season. But it sure feels on this end like all posts on the AFW and TNSSG Facebook pages are being squelched or misreported on the Facebook end post the “boosted” post – more than posts normally are squelched or unreported because of weird Facebook viewer algorithms.



The only reason I can think of for squelching “seen” numbers post a “boosted” post would be to convince someone their viewing numbers are so low without boosting a post, they’d better boost another post or they are going to be invisible from here on out.

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 3.33.44 AM



That seems like a whole lot of stick and very little carrot to throw at someone who just for the first time handed some cash over to Facebook.

[Jeez did no one there ever take a dog training lesson?]



Also that would require, to be convincing, someone with a really short memory on the other end of those new reported “seen” numbers who hadn’t seen and remembered over a year’s worth of Facebook “seen” stats prior to the “boosted” post. And didn’t think that was pirate action, stomping someone after they gave you some cash, to try to make them give you more.



Or it could just be me —

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 4.29.53 AM

Not really.


Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 5.16.44 PM

oh yez we haz the swag

August 14, 2013



So one of the interesting things here has been figuring out how to do the TNSSG swag. It’s all Vista Print all the time and Vista Print will happily co-host a storefront for you if — you expect 400 orders per month.


Oh sorry.


Cafe Press does stuff but they’re getting pretty damn expensive. And if you want a full store front instead of one image at a time on one link at a time, there’s a hosting fee per month and what have you it gets out of control.


Squarespace is a pretty cool new up and comer. But I already have a hosting service, urls, and product, and it’s $25 per month to run a site with a store through them [pretty as they may be] and then an additional fee to run merchandise through someone I don’t have an account with and don’t know. Not Square. Not Paypal. Someone entirely new. Hmm.


Ultimately, I figured, at $25 a month plus additional fees on every sale, I could buy Easy Cart for WordPress for $120 and in four to five months it would have paid for itself. So I went Easy Cart.


Easy Cart wasn’t a real friendly interface and I was willing to give up and ask for my money back after the first week, but the Easy Cart people are sort of like pit bulls, and said, No, we won’t give you back your money, we will make this WORK.

That sort of pissed me off going in, but ultimately turned out to be a good thing. The TNSSG swag page is up, and working, and it took hours both on my part and theirs to make this all fly and they never bitched about their hours. [Though I bitched about mine some.] And voila.

TNSSG Swag! Yay!

Also 5150 swag and AFW swag, though those do not apply to you unless you are part of 5150 or AFW.

Cool yes?


It is odd how I tend to be proudest of the things that were hardest to pull off, and to take for granted the things that were easier. I don’t know if a difficulty level should be a gradient of “proud.” Maybe I should take as much pride or pleasure in what comes easy. The stuff that comes easy is, after all, in some circles, called a gift from God. But still, I often give more clout to what does not come easy. To what I had to sweat and fight for.

That cart did not come easy. But god dammit it’s pretty. And hopefully works.


Love and Kisses,


Your Cart Crazy Adams Girl


:::go see:::


jason momoa in a kilt!

July 28, 2013


I had to post this.

You’re welcome.




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