the moon fairy tale

October 8, 2014


the moon


A king asked his young daughter what she would like for a present. And she said she loved the moon, she would like that.

And the king asked, How big do you think the moon is?

And she said, It is just the size of my thumbnail when I hold it up to the sky.

And the king asked, What do you think the moon is made of?

And she said, It is silver, that is why it shines in the night.

So the king had a silver smith make a silver moon the size of his daughter’s thumbnail and the king placed it on a silver chain and gave it to his daughter and she wore it around her neck and was happy.

But the king was afraid. What if she saw the moon in the sky?

So the king closed up all the palace windows and no one was allowed to see the night sky.

But the people grew unhappy. And his daughter grew unhappy. And she began wasting away because she could not see the night sky any more.

So one day the king allowed the windows to be opened again at night, but he was very afraid of his daughter seeing the moon.

And of course she did. But she did not seem unhappy.

And the king asked his daughter, Do you see the moon in the sky?

And she said, Of course.

And he said, Don’t you worry about how it got there when you have the moon on a chain?

And she said, No, it is like a new tooth. You can take the moon away, but another will grow back



That is the moon fairy tale. I heard the moon fairy tale when I was very young. It is probably in a book I was too little to remember. But I always remembered the story.

Also that photo as taken by my friend Mercedes. It reminded me of the moon fairy tale which is why you get to hear the moon fairy tale today.



metal_horseThere is a feng shui story —

About Chinese workers on the US railroad when the rail road was first being built to stretch across the United States.

Culturally, Chinese people are pretty up on feng shui, and when Chinese workers were hired to work on a railroad splitting the United States in two, some of them mentioned to their bosses it was not a good idea.

See, in terms of feng shui, splitting a country in two with a giant metal spike is not a good idea.

So the workers said, Hey, Rail Road Moguls, you know in feng shui terms, this will create a divided nation.

And the Rail Road Moguls said, Hey, Chinese Guys, we aren’t paying you for feng shui advice, we are paying you to swing that hammer.

So the workers shrugged, either because they needed the paycheck or because the rail road mogul guys were such assholes, why save them? And swung that hammer.

And a great big shining line of metal was built that divided this nation in two.

And the nation has been divided in two ever since.


bunny on the couch!

July 15, 2014




ps: looking for a source and can’t find it, if you can, share — i stumbled across it via elizabeth croyden on fb


the kindness of strangers

September 22, 2013


bird_in_handI am out —

On my balcony last night having a smoke. It is pretty late, the bars are closing up and things are quieting down.

This girl comes down the path. She is dressed real pretty, in a skirt with sequins on it that flutter under the pale street light. She has long dark hair and bare arms and looks cold and is moving very slow.

I think, uh oh. This path is not really the place to be this late on Saturday night alone incapacitated if you are a girl. As she gets closer I realize it’s not that she’s really drunk. She’s clutching very high heels and walking barefoot, I do not know for how long, but her feet clearly really hurt. And she’s really lost. And she’s also clutching a cell phone whispering into it. And then she sees me.

She hands the phone up to me on the balcony and I talk to her friend and find out where she is supposed to be and take her through the building paths to where she needs to go.

When we can see her friends up ahead she says, Max, you are an angel of mercy.

I laugh and say, No, this is the kindness of strangers. Everyone gets it and the only rule is you pass it on.

And she says, No, you don’t know it, but you are an angel.

Then her friends gather her up into safety and take her away and I go back to my balcony and finish my smoke.

I probably did look like an angel to her. I was in all oversized white and I have almost white blonde hair and the balcony is several feet off the ground so there I was, pale with pale hair all in white hovering off the ground when she was lost in the dark.


It is the return of that dreaded day in May. And since I love this a lot I am bringing it back. Yay!

from love to bingo

March 8, 2013




This series including the original Oscar-nominated short from Brown Bag Films is based on 1960’s recordings of young children telling Bible stories.



how fairy tales are written

February 17, 2010



The birds are singing outside. Hard. They throw their voices. I think, Are they actually on the balcony? I open the blinds. The bird actually on the balcony says, Oops! He scoots between metal barriers, aka balcony struts. I say, Oops! And slide away and shut the balcony door.

The birds are singing harder now. They beat the giant.

This is how fairy tales are written.


where the art work comes from :
that is from eugenio recuenco


February 14, 2009


I love this. Kitty posted it. It is all about love. It is the perfect Valentine’s Day clip.




birthday month yay!

February 1, 2009


mardi_gras_mask_iiiIt is birthday month.

Yay! Yay! Yay!


According to my truly spiffy birthday book [which is a gift from Gotham I picked up on the Christmas gift card they sent me thank you Alex and Dana and Joel and all you Gotham peeps] my birthday “is a holy day sacred to Diana, the Roman moon goddess, patroness of the hunt and guardian of the forest near Aricia, where her sacred grove stood. Diana is also known as the Lady of the Beasts.”

[Lady of the Beasts so works for me.]

[You beasts know who you are.]


*that is from what your birthday reveals about you by phyllis vega it is very cool


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